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Best Decision I never made

This. Rocks. So. Hard. And I”m so glad I didn’t think too hard about doing it. Well, that’s kinda not the entire truth. A coffee shop that I frequent had business cards out on the bar for a certain team in the area. Interest piqued, I picked one up and tucked it in my wallet before my boyfriend or the barista could catch what I did and snicker wildly, as I was sure they would. Did I mention I did this little card palming a year ago? Left the card in there for a while, and every time I had to shuffle through my gift cards or find my library pass, the card would be there, staring me down, it’s heavy card stock and rounded corners mocking me, asking “well?”. I denied it’s presence. I pretended like it was a joke, haha isn’t this funny guys, look what I picked up so long ago from who knows where? It was funny and comforting, until it wasn’t. It really was just another notch on the “not nearly accomplished” post. At that point, i stuck the card on my pile of “pretend I’m gonna do this” stuff on my desk, and then forgot about it some more. And life went on quietly and uneventfully, until it didn’t anymore. My 15 year old dog died. My best friend moved across the country. A drunk driver wiped out my lovely little car while it was parked innocently on the curb. MInor pains in the great sheme of human suffering, but still shell shocking. I looked for a bit of normalcy, and what could be more normal, more comforting, more exemplary of exerting control than cleaning off one’s desk? So i did, and I came across the card. So I searched, and I came across some leagues. So I asked, and I came across some information. A date, a time, a place, be there or be square. Simple as that, as little thinking as possible, because if I had been any more cerebrally engaged, I never would have gone. But the shake and shift my life went through in a 3 week period rattled my little world just enough to distract my brain from what my hands were doing. I never thought twice, I couldn’t even manage to think once, and thank goodness for that. I’ve never had so much fun falling on my ass, and I can’t wait to kick some serious ass. I only hope I can get to be even half as awesome as some of the girls in the league.


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