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Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow

volunteer for a cause I am passionate about (read all 6 entries…)
About the domestic abuse

crisis counselor position I wanted to volunteer for I mentioned in my previous post – that isn’t going to happen, I think. They really want a bilingual speaker and I just don’t feel confident enough in my abilities in Cantonese. I’m okay for basic (and more than) conversation but when it comes to traumatic experiences, I’m just not on that level. I wouldn’t want my lack of skills to jeopardize anyone’s emotions.

HOWEVER!!! However, I found another organization that is similar – that’s anti-rape and they accept interns. There is a lesser time commitment (minimum commitment) for interns, which is great for me since I might have to do an internship for school in a few months so to know I’m not under contract to be tied to any one place makes me happy. If time constraints allow, then of course I’d want to stay. It’s the SFWAR organization and it sounds really good. I’m afraid interns have to put in a lot of time, though…which would worry me only because if it’s like a full time job, I don’t even know if I can – homework constraints. I’ve been so busy I can’t even find a part-time job (because I know my work would suffer). So if a volunteer/intern position is just as time-consuming, I’d be very disappointed that I can’t do it either. sigh I want to intern for a Media Relations position, though – it helps plan events and such. It’d be so great, especially since I want to learn about event planning (studying for it now) and it’d be both a great resume enhancer while being in a cause I support!


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