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create healthier meals for my children
be a super mom

To be a super hero for our kids takes much more than loving them. The lil buddies need home, care, education and a great friend who always understand their worst fears and actions. A friend who always offers them the best way out even when they are hiding their needs.
Most of the people don’t understand the daily needs of their own bodies – vitamins, minerals, calcium, carotene, iodine, etc. This substances are even more needed for children and teens. We gotta offer them the best meals for their age and weight. During the first years of their life all the babies need a lot of calcium for their bones. We can serve them white cheese and milk in greater amount than usual. Later on the iodine for good thyroid function – this is extremely important for their mental condition. Iodine could be found in Sea salt – use it instead of table salt. Offer your kids lots of carrots (good for their eyes) and fish. Fruits and vegetables are 100% needed!
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