stop letting people walk all over me

i have been used all my life by friends. and i let them do it. i was the substitute friend. i never said anything because i’m a pleaser. I want everyone to like me. i lived my life for other people and it wore me down. its exhausting.

FINALLY i discarded all the people that were bringing me down. and it felt amazing.

my advice…you have to realize that your own happiness comes first. you have to live for you.
don’t get me wrong…i haven’t turned into like a psycho bitch that goes around telling everyone off…

but if i see that im not getting treated right by the people who are supposed to care the most…i walk. and thats that. no more bullshit. no more second chances. i dont need that in my life.

and if you try to leave friends and they give you this “youll be sorry” bullshit like theyre the last people on the face of the earth and without them youre nothing. you can tell them to shove it.
because without those people…i’m the happiest i’ve ever been.

good luck to all of you who are still struggling with this.
its hard. but in the end soo worth it.


you are right

if people think i am a bitch, yes! so?
I don’t care
I just need my crew of friends
those who bs me, who think i am nasty
they ain’t worth a second for me to think about them
there are million of people who would love me for what i am
so for those who hate me
keep hating

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