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Day 5

This morning, I’m feeling a lot better about giving up my Mt. Dew. Maybe it’s just because the sun is shining, and it’s been so dreary all week. The sky is blindingly blue and nearly cloudless outside my window, which makes it difficult to focus for entirely different reasons. =^)

I talked to my husband about this some more, and we think we both overreacted during our previous conversation. He said he supports my effort to give up soda, especially since I’m already sleeping so much better, but that he doesn’t want me to go overboard with giving up all junk food because eventually I’ll end up eating something I’m not “supposed to” and then go on a total binge. (I’ve done this in the past.) I explained that I’m not trying to give up sugar entirely, just cut way back on it, and he said he could get behind that. Sometimes I feel like we speak different languages, and not even both Romance languages, like French and Korean or something.


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