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Skydiving In Virginia

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Skydiving In Virginia

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Tandem Skydive VA

www.tandemskydiveva.com/     2 Locations in Virginia Open 7 days week.

Houston Skydiving

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Skydiving In California

www.skydivecoastalcalifornia.com/     Skydive Over Southern California's Beautiful Coastline. 120mph Views.

Virginia Skydiving Center

www.virginiaskydivingcenter.com/     Skydive Today. Dinwiddie, VA. Skydive from 14000 feet at 120 mph.

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Skydive (read all 2 entries…)

i was supposed to make my jump today! i paid for it and everything , but as always those “weather permitted” plans never work out… I spoke to the trainer as soon as I woke up and he said that we have to postpone it for another day because it’s too windy and it might rain… ughhh so not fair! I’ve been waiting for over 2 years for this day.. and now it’s NOT really here.. huhhh


Tough luck, I hope my day won’t be postponed. I had to take a day off work for it ;)

morethansparrows cold long winter

Did you?

end up going? My son had an appointment with a good friend that he was best man for and they also had to cancel because of the weather. Now they have to wait until Spring – good old Illinois weather.

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