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The Burrow

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instinctively thorough, About my crevice and burrow... Vintage Airstreem

This goal was created two years ago and I didn’t exactly have a plan then,just a desire. Now that I have an AirStreem Camper from the 60s at my disposal and I feel like I am actually progressing on this goal. It wont be subterranean but heck, I live in Louisiana and it’s not like I have my own land. So I am being less literal about this Goal and more Creative.

The AirStreem camper will be my “Burrow” and I am dedicating the concept to Robert Frost’s poem:

  • The Woodchuck

My own strategic retreat
Is where two rocks almost meet,
And still more secure and snug,
A two-door burrow I dug.
With those in mind at my back
I can sit forth exposed to attack
As one who shrewdly pretends
That he and the world are friends.
All we who prefer to live
Have a little whistle we give,
And flash, at the least alarm
We dive down under the farm.
We allow some time for guile
And don’t come out for a while
Either to eat or drink.
We take occasion to think.
And if after the hunt goes past
And the double-barreled blast
(Like war and pestilence
And the loss of common sense),
If I can with confidence say
That still for another day,
Or even another year,
I will be there for you, my dear,
It will be because, though small
As measured against the All,
I have been so instinctively thorough
About my crevice and burrow.

I have a vinyl of Frost reading his own poetry with this one included amongst my favorites. It took some time for this particular poem to grow on me. I guess it just needed to absorb.

I have been gutting out the old water damaged wood(And chucking it! Get it? Wood Chuck.. Chucking, like chucking the wood..) I am playing with the redesign, not trying to restore it. The original layout doesn’t suit me. I am interested in using all hardwood pallets and do a lot of piecing together. Rustic and Simple yet Thoughtful, Artful, and Complete.. a good set of goals. Instinctively Thorough.



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