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mrcreed is.

get a dog (read all 5 entries…)

been thinking about this alot more lately…everyone needs a best friend right?


That is one gorgeous creature! I’d get one pronto if I knew I had the time and money for it.

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

Would you get a dog that you can take with you while you are at work?
Have you thought of visiting the pound? Your little friend might be there right now just waiting for you to rescue him/her! :)

mrcreed is.

i have resued a cat from the pound before…not a dog but i am going to look if i do decide to get one…although i am partial to rotties,they are just the perfect dog i think

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

Good luck with this! Post pictures!:)

tikini wikini It's tiki time

dogs are good friends

Dogs make life better. Puppies take dedication – in case you have not had a dog before…

mrcreed is.

i have

had dogs before and yes they are a lot of work…but worth it!


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