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www.redemptionhilldc.org/     Gathered on Capitol Hill Scattered throughout the Metro area

Francis Chan BASIC Series

www.flannel.org/     New films featuring Francis Chan from the makers of NOOMA

New Life Christian Church

www.newlife4me.com/     A safe place to discover God 2 locations, same great stuff!

How To Follow Jesus

www.ask.com/How+To+Follow+Jesus     How To Follow Jesus. Discover and Explore on Ask.com!

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www.wow.com/Follow+Jesus     Search for Follow Jesus Look Up Quick Results Now!

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www.onlyonetruegod.org/     Know the one true God God's truth

jackkque teaching child care to teens

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Following Jesus

I am a christian African American Female looking to continue my path with Jesus. I attend Sunday School and regular Church services every Sunday. Although, I am aware that this will not get me into Heaven, I am strong in my faith for doing so. I enjoy all the stories of the Bible and I look forward to being more Christ like. Jesus is my refuge and my savior, forever.
Griffindor, J.



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