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Takes time

Being a good friend…a better friend…takes so much damn time, time that I do not have. Time I wish I had. I wish I had time to do lots of things! I wish I had time to sleep, eat properly, to cook, to make new friends, to socialize more, to work on homework, to do some extra credit, to explore, but I don’t have time for myself, so please….

Please tell me how I make time for friends and family? Yes, I can make time. Yes, I’m trying.

But I’m feeling so overwhelmed even for myself. I feel like I can’t even take care of myself, so how can I be there for anyone else?


I'm working on this too.

I realized with one of my best friends in particular (who is always crazy busy)... that I have to be in her schedule in some official way to see her at all. Like recently I asked for her help on a business project a month in advance. So, we ended up spending the weekend together “working” and it was awesome.

I figured out that every time I have been able to spend quality time w/ her (over 15 yrs) has been this way… we worked together, we had classes together, I tutored her in Spanish, etc.

Work it into your calendar!

Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


Well that’s great :). It’s hard, sometimes, isn’t it? Time…so little of it!

It’s also a little different for me because most of my good friends are far away from me. Wait, all of them are far away. The ones I’m around are new friends so it takes time for a kind of bond. There’s been one or two that I kind of click with…but it’s also hard because we go to the same school so we’re all hit with the same crazy amount of art projects. It really sucks up time.

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