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The May Dip

This morning at dawn, around 5:30 AM, I ran into the rocky North Sea in a bathing suit. It was probably around 40 degrees and it was raining on and off, including the time directly before, during, and after the actual dipping itself.

Now, dear reader, you might ask, “Why the bloody hell would someone willingly throw themselves into the North Sea at dawn?

The reason: tradition.

The May Dip is a St Andrews tradition where all students are invited to hang out on Castle Sands, watch twirling fire poi, stay warm near the bonfires, and sacrifice oneself to the Gods of the freezing cold water.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful that it occurs on Beltaine, so essentially it’s a Beltaine festival (with fire, and the dawn, and the water, and the sand, and wind, are you catching my drift?)

It was lovely, invigorating, and numbing.



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