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lose weight (read all 22 entries…)
I'm thoroughly confused.

I’ve finally been losing again the last couple days (overcoming my 142-144 plateau.) I woke up yesterday at 139.5. I snacked throughout the day,went to the gym for an hour, and didn’t eat any meals (which has proven to be the best way for me) but then around dinner time my roommates decided to make funfetti cake (my favorite!) and I of course ate some. So that, along with a few chips and salsa, were my dinner. Well theeen we went to Denny’s at 10 p.m., (crazy college kids!) and everyone got suuuuch good food: chicken fingers, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, pancakes, etc.

I got a bowl of fruit. Everyone kind of made me feel weird about it so I told them I ate too much frosting and I was feeling sick.

So I know it’s not good to not eat good when I eat bad. But I can’t bring myself to add more calories just to get the good stuff in. I know that’s bad for my health.

I was thinking I would wake up back at 142… but today I was 138! The lowest I’ve been since probably jr. high. But I wasn’t even excited about it… it feels like I have no control over my weight and my body just does what it wants to.

Today I ate half of a light yogurt for breakfast, and i just had more cake. I feel disgusting. I feel like I’m no better than when I started.

I should be so excited… I’ve lost 14 pounds since March 5! But I’m not because I feel like when I’m my healthiest I don’t lose and when I eat bad stuff or not enough I lose it. It doesn’t seem right. I want to lose this the healthy way.

does anyone have any insight on this? Have you guys felt this way at all?

Good luck everyone!


foreverHoping cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

Keep going.

Everyones wieght fluctuates, its just how our bodies work. You sound like your doing well. You might be feeling badly because you were getting discouraged or you just hate being on a diet. Either way, judging by the amount of weight you lost so far, you are doing great! Keep up the good work. Maybe you were feeling badly, however, because you were eating too heavy foods. As in instead of a light meal, you ate a steak. (I’m not saying you ate a steak but its an example, hehe) Just keep going. You’ll get to your goal and feel good about it too.


will all my friend are eating pizza, hamburger, fries and soda when all i’m having is salad and milk.. sometime i felt the same way u do.. but oh well.. its worth doing it!
i lost hum…. 15 lb in about 5 month? lol.. i lost and gain.. maybe thats way but anyway..
good luck! do some exercise..help alot^ don’tcare what they think! ur’ll feel good at the end! ^
ur doing great!

good luck <3 best wishes

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