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lose weight (read all 22 entries…)

so my food intake today consisted of funfetti cake, more funfetti cake, and p.f. changs.

that’s how i reward myself for my lowest weight yet.

I’m really upset with myself. I’m back on track tomorrow though.

and I worked out twice today.

I didn’t eat a lot today… just BAD! I’m trying really hard to lower or stop my intake of high fructose corn syrup and it’s in EVERYTHING! it’s so hard. My favorite low cal yogurt has it, and that funfetti cake DEFINITELY had it. It makes you crave sugar. It’s EVIL!

Well tomorrow will be better… if I don’t cry when I see the scale. Ugh. Not looking forward to weigh in.

I’ll let ya know….


aw dont be so hard on yourself.
theres no short cut to anywhere worth going! :)
and you broke your plateau, one day of indulgence wont mess that up.


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