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lose weight (read all 22 entries…)
after my lovely diet yesterday...

...of funfetti cake and P.F. Chang’s…

I lost weight? What is going on!?

I ate healthy for a month straight with no weightloss and the last couple days I’ve been slipping up and have lost 7 pounds!!!

M: 142.5

That’s insanity!!!! I’m not gonna question it, but I’m really scared it’s just a fluke and I’m going to gain it all back. ahhhhh! It does feel nice though.

So far today I’ve eaten:

breakfast: fiber cereal—150 calories
green tea—0 calories
lunch: a few chips and salsa: 100 calories
an apple: 50 calories

I’m going to take a shower and probably eat something else for lunch.

Maybe I’ve found a new miracle diet? The funfetti diet? haha. I don’t know!

hope everyone’s doing well.

SW (3/5/08): 152
CW (5/2/08): 137
WL : 15!!!
GW (7/4/08): 130 or less


trustkills is going to work out tomorrow

Funfetti diet? Sign me up!

Congrats on the weight loss!

I want to bake a funfetti cake now and see if this is a miracle diet that you’ve stumbled upon, =)

I just wanted to share a tip. It might help if you weigh yourself once a week instead of once a day. Your body weight goes up and down all day long and it may help you see your overall progress better.
Just a suggestion though.

Keep up with the great work!!!


After reading your first entry, i just HAD to read the rest of them! I dont know a lot about lupus, all i know about prednisone is its an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant (can you tell i wan t to go into medicine?). It really sucks that it makes you gain weight. I saw that the person that commented here said to only weigh yourself once a week, but seriously, I think its fair to say that we cant really help ourselves about that. I’ve been losing weight with my bf and its been absolutely obsessive on my part. I probably weigh in twice a day (once in the AM and PM). I heard that people say its really bad to do it more than once a week, but nobody really gives a GOOD reason.

If you wanted some tips about what kind of foods i’ve been eating, i’d love to tell you the recipes. In all honesty, I exercised a lot in the beginning but lately havent really been doing anything and still hasnt gained it back. I really do think that vegetables are the miracle weight loss food. I eat TONS of broccoli (i know it gives some people gas but i think it’ll go away after eating it consistently for a while), some spinach, and lots of apples (probably 2 a day).

I’m going to try to lose some more weight, because i’m still getting a muffin top for some of my pants too and want to be able to fit into those, so i’ll be trying to lose with you. We can be online weight loss buddies lol. Hope everything is well with you!



I’m glad my blog was so exciting! haha.

Yeah, Lupus is a bummer, but I’m SO blessed that it hasn’t caused any complications and I’m still able to be a relatively normal college student. When it first became really horrible (before I knew what it was) last summer, it caused my feet, knees, fingers, and toes to swell up and be unbearably painful to the point that I couldn’t walk. After being misdiagnosed several times, I got blood tests and found out I had Lupus my 1st day away at college. Great timing! I was put on an intense regiment of prednisone and plaquinel (an anti-malaria drug that somehow helps Lupus…) that caused the pain to go away but made me really depressed, bloated, and hungry all the time! It was really hard. My first semester of college was absolutely HORRIBLE. This semester I got it into check though, changed my eating habits (stopped my bouts of starvation and binging)and started working out regularly. Since then I have seen my body change and it’s exciting! Even with the prednisone, I’m accomplishing my goals! =)

I’ve began to like vegetables too… my favorites are spinach, green and red peppers, and carrots!! Yum!

My other miracle food that really helped me out is I eat a mix of fiber one cereal (1/2 cup= 60 calories and 57% of your fiber for the day) and puffed brown rice (1/2 cup=30 calories) for breakfast every morning. It’s filling and low cal and lots of fiber. I used to never eat breakfast, but now it’s my favorite meal of the day!

As for weighing myself… I cannot stop myself from weighing. I like to see what happens to my body when I eat certain things. Also, if I gain from one day to the next, it’s a relatively small amount, which is easier to handle than waiting a week and gaining 3 pounds!! I’ve also heard that people who weigh themselves regularly lose more weight. Who knows…

I’d love to be your weight loss buddy! Good luck with everything!!

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