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dicksonclark is absolutly in love with that whitney posten girl <33

be a better girlfriend

my girlfriend is my world, she means everything to me, she is absolutly perfect, sometimes i just get in bad moods and i treat her like crap and i really hurt her….i have to work on treating her right


28days is holding on tight...

dont know what you have got til its gone… i am experiencing that right now… appreciate her… let her know she is your world… or you might regret it. just do something small.


i think its awesome as heck to say that aloud to the world. now say it to her. :o) but remember, talk is cheap. you don’t have to buy gifts to show affection. i, for one, love geeky gadget presents, but something that would melt me into a pool of buttah is just some act of thoughtfulness. something that was thought out and planned, and unexpected. like a baseball game with all the trimmings or an adventure to a place she’s never been but wanted to go. anyone can stop by the store and buy a card or flowers (ew) but it takes a real man and a real show of love to actually plan out something. even if it fails miserably, the idea that she means enough to you to go to the trouble says more than a $2.99 hallmark card ever could.


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