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pass the ASVAB test
Trouble with the ASVAB.

I’m really interested in joining the Army. I dropped out of high school, and got my GED. Having a GED, I need to score a 50, or higher, in order to enlist in the Army. I’ve taken the ASVAB twice now. I scored a 36 the first time, and a 37 the second time. I’m not an unintellegent guy, I mean, I don’t understand why I’m scoring so low. What can I do to pass the ASVAB this third time? If I don’t pass this next retake, I’ll have to wait 6 months in order to retake it again.


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I took it about a year ago. I didn’t end up enlisting, but I remember how awful the test seemed. When I actually went to MEPS and took it, I was intimidated beyond belief because of all the semi-irritated looking military personnel walking around. I ended up doing alright once I forgot where I was and the scruitinizing looks I was getting from the Navy guy sitting directly behind me monitoring the whole process. Anyway, my recruiter took me and another guy home and the guy I was riding with scored a 31. It was also his second time to take it. What he did rather than sign up to take it again right away was take about three weeks to a month to go through an ASVAB study guide he got at Half Price Books and the third time he took it, he made like a 50-something. I don’t know if you’ve already taken it again because your post is like a month old, but if you still need/want help with it, I have no problem helping you study. Let me know, and good luck in whatever you do! :)

the asvab

hi, i failed the asvab test 3 times and now i have to wait 6months its very frustrating and i dont know how i can pass this test. i was very well educated in school had a 3.4 or higher but i dont know whats the problem with this test that im taking any sugguetions please!!!

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I’m waiting to pick my job in the military as we speak. The asvab is broken down in sections. What you want to raise is your “afqt” score… Your afqt score, or armed forces qualification test score, is based off of 4 sections in the asvab. When sombody says “oh I got a 87 on my asvab” (which is pretty damn good) there not talking about there overall asvab score because there really is no such thing… They are stating their afqt score which is (LISTEN UP!) mathamatics knoledge, arithmatic reasoning, word knoledge, and paragraph comprehention. If you study those portions, your golden. The other sections of the test are known as apptitude testing. They are designed to see how proficient you are in a given spacific feild, this is why you see gen.science, mechanical comp. And so on. If you fail miserably at the gen.science test, it won’t kill your afqt score, while at the same time if you get 100% on mechanical comp. All that means is that you have a knac for that thing and more mechanical related jobs will open up to you as opposed to a science related job such chemist and what not. There are sites and books to help you. Goarmy.com and march2succsess.com also asvab books areAWSOME!!! Avab for dummies will explain the asvab in detail and help you prepare but I prefer other asvab study aids. Hope this helps annnd good luck


I have took the asvab 3 time i fail! The first time i score a 13 then the second a 15 then now i score a 25 i just want to go in im having trouble in math and English, Word knowledge like is but so much words u can study dughhh,idk this test is frustrating me i really want to join the army ,ill volunteer to go to war i just want to serve my country and i know i have the HEART!!! For it do im not quiting at all.

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