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Meredith is starting school again soon...

be on Jeopardy! (read all 8 entries…)
Friday's episode

I’d like to know what percentage of the questions I tend to get right when watching at home, so on Friday night, I kept track of my correct guesses. I didn’t count the times when I knew I knew the question but couldn’t dredge it up fast enough. Here’s how I did.

Jeopardy: 14/30
Double Jeopardy: 7/30
Final (Ancient History): Correct

I don’t know yet if that was typical for me, since I’ve never kept track before. It may have been slightly low because my fiancee and stepson were being a little bit distracting at times. (Stepson, who is nine, was proud that he got one question right. He marked it down along with my scores!)



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