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lose weight (read all 47 entries…)
okay so today is my one treat day in the week :)

ive had…
3 slices of toast. 450
V. Small Bowl of cereal. 120
Banana. 100
Jacket potato, tuna, salad. 300
Treat for the week….
1 and a half chocolate cupcakes. 300
Bag of maltesers. 200
8 Buttons. 120
Slice of cocunut cake. 400
Okay i know thats a lot lol but the rest of the week i dont snack at all.

So that makes a total of..
1990 calories.
Still just under the 2000 guidline haha.
Most days i try to stick to 1,300 cals.
Im going to go and do my fitness dvd now.
Work off all the maltesers.



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