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Simon isn't ungoogleable.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo - Chalupa Style!

I cheerbombed TG, I rolled in fresh poop and, as I couldn’t find Bella, Chloe or Rusty, I made friends with myself by sniffing my own butt (from a distance).

And now I’m going to have a drink of Bacardi Breezer and pretend it’s a margarita.

Happy Cinco Seis de Mayo!

One of the statements in the first paragraph is a lie. You, dear reader, are required to guess which one.


(This comment was deleted.)

Simon isn't ungoogleable.

You may be right,

although there’s an awful smell around here. It’s either the poop I rolled in, or Mom’s incontinence has gotten worse.

you must be flexible

How did you sniff your own butt?

Simon isn't ungoogleable.

Despite being fairly flexible,

I couldn’t quite bend myself that far. I had to utilise the pipe from a vacuum cleaner to do it properly.

Talk about a head rush! LOL!

(This comment was deleted.)

Simon isn't ungoogleable.


I certainly gave TG a cheerbomb. That narrows it down some. Did I sniff my own butt, or did I roll in poop? Hmmm…

And the answer is…

drum roll

I sniffed my butt!

Rolling in fresh poop was the lie. I couldn’t do that.

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