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A thousand mile journey...

Went for a swim tonight with a friend who used to swim competitively. Managed to have fun for over two hours, but didn’t make as much progress as I wanted. At least I got over my fear of the gym pool. Plan on going again on Friday and working on my form some more. My freestyle is just silly. I have major issues with my breathing pattern (I’m a nose inhaler and mouth exhaler and swimming requires the reverse) and also that I just don’t like to stick my head far into the water so my legs and butt kind of sink. I must be a riot to watch. I’m just glad to finally have started. It only gets better from here.



I’ve added this goal to my list. I’ve been meaning to work on my swimming so that I could eventually do a triathalon. I guess commiting to the swimming would be the first step! Yay! :)

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