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show more emotion
not satisfactory

I have never shown emotion well, weither it be happiness,sadness,or anger. I can remember when I was in the 10 or 11 grade my teacher had shown us a movie on holocaust and told us to write a paper on how it made us feel. I thought that the movie was very sad and I wrote about how I felt. My teacher did not like my paper so she then “questioned my attachment to the humanity.” I then apologized that the ink on my paper was not smugged with my tears. For that comment I had to write an apology letter to her.

I still have the paper and now that I read it seems more like a research paper than a paper on my emotions.




I understand this and can sympahize. I was bullied a lot when younger and my reponse was to be clinical like Spock in the old StarTrek episodes. To always control myself and not give anyone any inkling that I was hurt.

It eventually carried over to my whole life and is very hard to shake. Even now when faced with adversity or trouble.. I go into the emotionless mode (I call it my dick mode because I don’t act like I care) and when there I can face anything no matter how bad.

The weird thing is that I always felt everything… I just never showed it.

mathnerde Is about to try to get caught up after a hiatus

Me too.

And I don’t laugh (very often). Best I get is a bit of a snort, and even that’s rare. But the thing is, I’m telling jokes and having a good time. The laughter just doesn’t make it out. Don’t know why. Several of the people I know recognize this and we actually can joke about it. So I guess (for me right now) it doesn’t matter much.

Motown82 Is on to the next one.

Sadness is the hardest for me.

I can emote really easily but not my sadness so much. The one video on Youtube that makes my tears POUR out is “Can: World’s Strongest Dad” I can’t help it, when I see that man tow his son and how much he loves him.. damn. What love. This has been the only thing that has worked for me, I feel like you should watch something that touches you even if it hurts. I slept like a baby that day.

Bigmighty When you’re going through hell, keep going.

I don't get it

We all show and react to emotions differently. Some people giggle when they are nevous/scared, some people cry when they are happy. How you show, or don’t, your emotions is your own business and part of your personality. Whatever you do to “show” your emotions is what you are and no apology … or change… is required.
If “they” don’t like it: screw’em.

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