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Meredith is starting school again soon...

be on Jeopardy! (read all 8 entries…)
College championship, days 4-5

(I had to skip day 3, as Jeopardy was preempted by a debate between the mayoral candidates here in Sacramento.)

Jeopardy: 15/30
Double Jeopardy: 12/30
Final: Alas, I was in the kitchen and didn’t hear it.

Jeopardy: 19/30
Double Jeopardy: 6/30…!
Final (Ancient Times): Incorrect… the right idea occurred to me, but for some reason I dismissed it!

I’ve noticed another subject of which my knowledge is severely lacking: Colleges. As in their locations, mascots, famous coaches, etc. I guess I should watch more college sports? Ugh, maybe I’ll just hope that category never comes up if I get on the show someday.



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