russellviii Vacation time is coming soon

Wish ToddieM a "Foot"-Stompin, "Sole"-fully Delightful Birthday on May 18th
It's ToddieM's Birthday

Happy birthday to one of the wittiest people that I know. ToddieM can take the germane, the mundane, the arcane, even the profane, and somehow turn it into something inane.

It’s great having you here.

Enjoy your day and have a couple of good laughs with those closest to you.


ToddieM Those who can take all life throws at them with a kind heart and smile

Grats, R8!

My vocabulary has about been ousted on the “ane” as your effluent one has obviously exhausted all of the good ones.
Suffice to say, I had a classmate named Duane, and I’ve been known to inject lidocaine to achieve anesthesia.
Like that side view of the three jokers.
Question: why does Tom Servo always get carried into the theatre? I’ve seen him “walk” outside of the theatre before….

russellviii Vacation time is coming soon

Walking Servo

I don’t really know the really reason that Servo is carried into the theater, rather than to let him walk in on his own. If I had to guess I would say that it has something to do with the interest of time.

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