Wish ToddieM a "Foot"-Stompin, "Sole"-fully Delightful Birthday on May 18th

I hope your weekend was simply amazing. Just one day is few to celebrate this great ocasion!
You’re one of the most wonderful person here in 43things.com. You always have the right things to say, your life seems to be so interesting. I’m your big fan and I hope someday we can meet each other and laugh together about my English mistakes :D
I wish you a lot of good things everyday in your life!


ToddieM Those who can take all life throws at them with a kind heart and smile

Thank you, Kika.
And thank you for being a good sport with my grammar jibes.
You can stand first in line to poke at me should I ever dare to learn Portugese!!

When you decide to learn Portuguese, let me know. I’d be glad to help you improve your grammar as you do with me :D

Where are the pictures of your birthday celebration? :D

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