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i realize this is a much bigger goal than just one visit...

so i went to cabo with some friends. it was just a quick weekend trip. 4 days. first, i have to say i’m completely fortunate to even be able to go anywhere, especially on a vacation out of the US. it helps to be know flight attendants who are willing to share their benefits with you.

however, i don’t think cabo really counts entirely as visiting mexico. that’s like going to orlando and saying you’ve visited america. basically, cabo was like a touristy, over-americanized, timeshare saturated, spring break mecca complete with swim up bars and everyone wanting to be paid with american currency instead of pesos. i wish i had known, instead of paying the exhange rates and fees. oh well. it wasn’t at all what i expected, though i guess i should’ve known better. let’s just say that i think another trip to mexico is in order. but next time, i’m going to try for a less touristy-oriented experience.

the glass bottom boat tour to the big rock formations was fun. i expected to use my spanish and was kind of disappointed able that everyone seems to speak perfect english there. and what was up with all the fried food? fish tacos came fried everywhere we went. still, we rented a villa and it was amazing to take a few days to relax. the beach was nice, too. and i learned that tequila makes me a little crazy in a good way. okay, and i admit that one of the most fun times of the trip was when we went to Cabo Wabo, which is sammy hagar’s bar/club. there was a band playing fabulous 80’s tunes. it was great fun and a wonderful way to pay tribute to big hair butt rock.

still, it was a perfect escape for a few days away. i can’t complain, either. i got a great tan. :)



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