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sabryn is inspired, and determined.

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Mixed vegetables

I eat mixed veggies in a lot of things – pot pie, casseroles, or just stirred into rice. On their own, though…ick. The canned ones are mostly carrots, the frozen mostly rubbery green beans (and lima beans…I hate lima beans).

Tonight, I discovered the secret to making me eat them: put them on a baked potato. With a little butter (well, olive oil spread), salt, and Mural of Flavor from Penzey’s, they were quite tasty.

Someday, I’d like to try fresh mixed veggies. I bet I’d like them on their own.


Danadanadana Using my intuition, and living a life of joy...that's the plan anyway!


As a kid I never understood how anyone could hate vegetables…

Then I spent a few weeks at my aunt’s house, where “green peas” came out of a can and looked more like baby poo than food. How can that be normal??

Ick. Then I understood – I’d avoid eating that version of “vegetables” too.

Except tomatoes, canned tomatoes are indispensable in so many yummy foods :-)

sabryn is inspired, and determined.

I have always been picky about the form my vegetables take. From about the age of three, I refused to eat “can-ned” peas (as I called them); they were just too gross for words. But I love frozen and fresh peas…they’re one of my favorite veggies.

So many canned veggies taste like the can. And freezing does weird things to the texture sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I’m trying fresh versions of veggies – I might find that I like them if I ate them as they were intended!

Hang in there!

If you’re worried about canned foods being unhealthful, you might try frozen mixed vegetables—or frozen veggies period. They are better for you than canned. Canned foods have a lot of sodium, but frozen foods don’t. It would be almost as good as if you grew your own vegetables, took them out of the garden, then froze them for the winter.

I admire your ability to try to eat things you don’t like. Hang in there! You’re doing great.


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