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Kikipantsmcguffin cutting and swirling!

Cut refined sugar from my diet (read all 5 entries…)
I'm getting wise to you,..... Glucose!!!

I’m super tired of my binge/abstain relationship to sugar and have a SOLUTION!

I’m going to quit cold turkey… (as vigilantly as i can within my own limits of undefined realism.)

Next month, month of June, i’m going to absolutely stop eating refined sugar as often as i can:

Ice Cream
or other sweets

I’m going to binge on things that are marginally more healthy for me and get my sweet kick from

100% Juices
Honey (local wildflower to help with my allergies)
and flavored teas such as vanilla.

Its going to be hard, but i can TOTALLY do it.

I have a sugar addiction.

I am tired of feeling wuzzy and tired and spacey from the kick

I’m tired of getting sugar high to make my day interesting.

My grandmother and my father have/had diabetes, its in my family and the likelyhood that i’ll have problems later on is high especially considering the scale of my sweet tooth! I’m going to cut those chances.

It does a much bigger number on my mindspace than i would like to admit, but here i am, admitting it.

also, this picture is of:
‘My Sweet Lord’ (a chocolate effigy of christ) by Cosimo Cavallaro



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