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Flaw is slowly starting again.

stop drinking (read all 2 entries…)

I am in the process of stopping but I am trying to find out why I drink and whether I – or anyone – has ever truly had ‘control’. If I completely remove the desire or want to drink, it will be easy. And it IS easy, once we understand the drug we are taking. I did it with cigarettes.
It is not a case of a ‘chemical flaw’ or ‘addictive personality’. If I had an addictive personality, how come I found smoking easy to stop and I have never become addicted to other drugs? (I smoked 20 a day for 18 years). I’ve tried cocaine and heroine but am not addicted to either. The reason – and we all know this – is because they are not marketed like alcohol. Because 90% of people take alcohol. Because we see them for what they really are. We choose not to do the same with drink.
At one point it was totally cool and normal to smoke cigarettes. If you didn’t, you were weird or weak. Think about how we view smoking in this age to how people in the 1950s or 1960s or 1970s may have. We see it for what it is. Now think about drinking. It should be the same (and as a drug, it is). We work for the taste. We work at being able to ‘handle it’. We go from a kid that doesn’t drink to someone that drinks every Friday to someone that drinks every weekend to someone that drinks the odd weeknight to someone that pretty much drinks every night. I don’t care if you’re ‘moderate’, ‘heavy’ or ‘social’ – we all drink. And we all drink more than we used to. We drink more than we should.

1. If you think you are going to miss out on some real pleasure by not drinking, you will never succeed. If you think it is actually good in some measure you will fail; it is like forbidden fruit. You may not drink for 20 years but still think like you’re holding back. Think about what you are holding back from.
2. It should not be an endurance test.
3. Ask yourself why you think anyone drinks.
4. Remember the time you first tasted drink and how awful it was and how you secretly thought ‘how does anyone like this stuff. Do I have to’?
5. Know that alcohol acts like a sedative and numbs the senses.
6. Know that it doesn’t quench thirst, it creates thirst which is partly why we have another and why we are dehydrated in the morning.
7. Know that it is a depressant. It makes you feel like shit. It makes life feel bad. Life is not about smoking, injecting or drinking.
8. Know that your friends are trapped too but they don’t know it.
9. Alcohol is a poison. Neat alcohol will kill you.
10. Know that you only think there are benefits from alcohol because it deadens our senses and everyone else is doing it so it must be good.
11. I have a thousand reasons to stop. I’m beginning to forget the benefits.
12. If you ate a meal that made you throw up and feel shit would you eat it again the next day? Would you eat the same meal the next day if someone told you it was addictive and detrimental to your health? Would you eat it if you knew it was poisoned? Would you eat it just because everyone else was?


FrankieCapricorn is freezing his a$$ off

Nice post. People don’t drink or use because they perceive their lives to be going great. That’s the big question. What’s going on in our lives that leads to this overall dissatisfaction? I think it’s unique to each individual.

For me alcohol was a place to hide for a little while. But reality is always waiting. Always waiting. It will always outlast you. It has more time than you.

Flaw is slowly starting again.

Thanks. And you’re right. Alcohol is complicated only because we believe it is. There are so many perceived reasons to do it and perceived benefits to it. And we all think that is both ‘normal’ to start and difficult to stop. If this is the case how on earth do we expect to win? To see it as it really is, that’s how.
If drink does have any benefits (which it doesn’t) they are far outweighed by all its disadvantages (you know what they are).
As Allen Carr pointed out: drinking alcohol for its ‘benefits’ is like believing the main advantage of your head is to hammer in nails.

my situation

for me it is a way to pass the time. to prevent being board. to find boring tv appealing. the drug has completely stripped me of a life outside my house. it sort of sucks you back in on yourself, if that makes any sense. it’s self feeding I guess would be a better way to put it.

FrankieCapricorn is freezing his a$$ off

“It sort of sucks you back in on yourself…”

If anybody has done any kind of serious drinking in their life, that comment crystalizes it right there. It can suck you in and turn your ass inside out. Always wanting to be fed.

I can relate to drinking to pass the time. Also, drinking because of boredom. I used to get excited when I know I was going to drink at home by myself. Fuck, man. It’s a son-of-a-bitch.

That comment really hit me.

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