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down (and dirty) time

On Wednesday evening, after another good but long work day followed by dinner out with my Nan, I returned home to find several trays and pots of plants lining my driveway – gifts obviously from my Mom.

I’ll be honest – I was initially a bit annoyed. I know it seems ungrateful to feel that way upon receiving a spontaneous gift, but at first glance, to me it just looked like another CHORE!

In short order, however, I corrected my attitude, found my gratitude, and headed back outside to see what little treasures I’d been gifted. It was close to 8:00 p.m. by then, and I didn’t expect much more daylight, but after I had a look at the tomatoes, peppers, daisies (gerbera AND shasta – yay!), the rouge cardinal clematis, three varieties of delphineum, and this handsome devil:

I couldn’t wait to grab my gloves and spade and get down and dirty.

That was how I spent the remainder of my evening. As the sun set and the solar twinkle lights began to illuminate, I lovingly welcomed all 27 new plants to my garden. I savored the familiar aromas of damp wormy earth, stale garden hose water, and freshly mown grass. I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. I realized that I had been wanting to spend time puttering in the garden, but that other obligations, as well as not having the money to buy materials, have prevented me. I realized that my Mom had given me an invaluable gift – an excuse to spend time doing what brings me joy. Thanks Mom!


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I'm out of cheers for now

but I wanted to tell you that those pictures and this entry are just beautiful.

I’m glad you got some time to yourself.

Thank you


Wonderful Rin

Maybe you’ll inspire me to get out and plant the 8 plants I have purchased that are sitting on my patio this weekend. :o) Your plants are quite lovely!

thanks Nik

Yes, I highly recommend that you get out and do that this weekend – go get dirty! ;o)

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