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2014 Boston Marathon 4/21

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rhinobrink has a new job in a new country

Run a marathon - again (read all 3 entries…)
First thoughts

42.2km is a great test of endurance and dedication.

I’ve run one marathon to date on 01 July 2007, but I’d really like to be in a position to do this each and every year.


kimsrunningnow Life is good!!!!


I didn’t see this entry before, I just asked you if you’d run a marathon yet….LOL

rhinobrink has a new job in a new country

Just one, but hopefully many more

Yes, just one marathon so far. I also remember not being able to walk. It’s funny now, but it was sheer agony at the time.

And thanks for sending your blog. It was nice to take a peek, well done. Looks like an entertaining story til next time. All the best with the co-captain duties!


kimsrunningnow Life is good!!!!

I didn’t walk for 2 days after the marathon. I pulled the hip flexor and it KILLED me. But I still knew I’d want to do another one….lol.

I’m glad you liked my blog. It started out as a personal journal but now it’s my connection to other runners. I highly reccommend having one.

I have the running blahs these last 2 weeks. I can’t seem to get into it lately….frustrating.

rhinobrink has a new job in a new country

Running Blahs

All the best getting over the running blahs .. I think I’m getting back on track – pardon the pun. Just taking it easy for a little while does wonders some times.

I did blog for a little while, but lost all my entries and backups, so was too disappointed to start again. But I will again one day.

Speaking of disappointed, I ran yesterday and found the distance harder than I imagined. And my time was extremely slow. That was, until I realised the gmap I created was in miles not kilometres like I’m used to. I did 10.4 miles in 1.5hrs – which I thought was just 10.4 KILOMETRES (around 6.4 miles). Pretty dopey.

kimsrunningnow Life is good!!!!

Incorrect measures and times...

I did that a few weeks ago! Only I thought I was running a 4 mile loop at 25 minutes. It was THREE miles! I was so upset. You must have been thrilled to see you are faster than you thought!

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