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create my own hair product line
I want to start my own hair product line!

there are sharks on the internet. Does anyone know of some trustworthy help?


Start my own ethnic hair product line

i am looking for manufacturers of raw materials, essential oils, bottle & label. i am also looking for instructional video (how to make my own), i am also looking for laboratory (chemistry) assistance.

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how to make your own products

If you haven’t already, go do a course in aromatherapy. It will show you how to make products, how to start your own business and how to safely use the essential oils. (did you know that rosemary CT2 cineole essential oil can bring on an epileptic fit, even in minute doses?).
Most aroma courses have a section on how to make your own products. To start a hair product line, you either need to have a lot of money for raw product (about $100 thousand) plus manufacture, plus labour. In the early stages, it’s normally easier and way cheaper to buy base product (ready made product with nothing added to it).
Packaging companies can sort you out with bottles, some will even print the labels and preattach them. If you’re getting a TGA listing, you will need a TGA controller on staff and will have to attach the label to the bottle after they’ve been filled. You can get machines for this so they go on straight.
You will need to employ a chemist, as any ingredients that get delivered will have to get quality checked and quarrantined before they can be used. The final product also has to be checked by a chemist, with a few bottles saved for quarrantine.
You’ll be able to save some coin on TGA if you read the legislation and find the marketing loopholes, so you won’t have to pay them.
If you’re doing an ethical line, don’t forget to put money aside for certification of organic and that no animals have been harmed. It’s not enough to buy organic products, the government will double check your sources – and you get the pleasure of paying them for it.
Please don’t learn from a video. Making beauty products can be very dangerous if you aren’t trained. Get a teacher. We were very careful when we were learning – and got congratulated by the teacher for finishing the year bu only melting one bench and setting the room on fire once. Ahh the memories!
If you send me a message with any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them. The only thing I won’t tell you is how to actually make shampoo and conditioner. The recipies are worth a lot of money to buy, or take a lot of time and product wasting to figure out.

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