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sicktotheheart is sick in the head.

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There's this new building

in the downtown area of the small city where I work (if you can really call it a downtown). It’s advertising apartments & I’m going to call & check the prices. I like the feel of the area cuz you can walk to shops & restaurants & it might be a cool place to live if you’re young & single.
It’s not the typical “luxury” apartments they build around here either, with all the stupid “amenities” I would never use anyway. I’d rather pay less money for an apartment & get a separate gym membership wherever I want, get my own small washer/dryer, and visit my parents to go swimming. I think most complexes provide all that crap just so they can inflate the price.
I also don’t need to be gated in either….I like that it’s a small building on the street & not some crowded community.


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