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lynner life is short...do another backbend!

move (read all 6 entries…)
living in boxes
but it’s basically done. my room looks like a room! it’s the closet that is the problem. I would love to get rid of about half of the stuff in there, like the…
  • photo boxes, full of class notes, old projects and a lens that keeps on going moldy.
  • and the funky blue cinderella dress I wore to the hash snowball 5 years ago. what to do with this treasure?
  • my wetsuit. will I ever really come to love surfing with the sharks?
  • the air purifier from sharper image, you know, that one that everyone has, that I NEVER really believed did anything.
  • boxes of dearly loved books, including my faithful lonely planets. these are more sentimental than anything. and there are some places that I have no desire to return to (cuba) and some that I will (colombia, india), but the books will be outdated. solution?
  • a huge box of photos from childhook, college, grad school, and my travels. my true goal is to learn how to scan these and then get rid of the originals and negatives.
  • huge folder of recipes. how to organize these? I need help!
  • at least one box of race tshirts and cal gear, from when I worked with the teams. I’ve purged many, many of these, but again, sentimental.


elizabethmerchant is having a great day.

That reverse burglar strikes again

Looking over your list-a few months ago I opined that there is a burglar striking who actually leaves stuff at my house, rather than taking it. Apparently you have the same person since your list looks like what he has deposited at my house. I have the box of photos, race t-shirts, wet suit, folder of recipes, books and air purifier.

No blue cinderella dress-but some mighty close substitutions.

I haven’t done too well with most of it, but-
-I have some recipes in loose leaf binders, but the rest are still crammed in folders.
-I sold or gave away most of my travel books. They become outdated so fast anyway and somebody else should be able to enjoy them before they are outdated.
-I made my daughter a quilt out of her race t-shirts and I’ve cut the fronts off of some of mine to save for a quilt
when this chaos ceases.(As if that’s going to happen)

Good luck.

lynner life is short...do another backbend!

it's nice to know

that I am not alone in my wetsuit keeping, photo stashing, recipe clipping habits. some of it, I am sure, is a way to feel secure, in a world that is not secure, and that is just an illusion.
I might need to enlist the help of some 43ers to tackle this stuff….

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