mrcreed is.

get a dog (read all 5 entries…)

i like these as well…big dogs just kick ass!!!...and chew shoes…lol(at least my maxie loved em)


~ Julie ~ is gone....


Puppers!! What bread is that baby?

mrcreed is.


its a bullmastiff..:)

~ Julie ~ is gone....

Sure is a cutie

The kid wanted to know, he likes them big puppers too! His best friend has a rot that follows him around thinking she is a lap dog. Pretty funny to watch this 140 lb dog get up on his lap or at least try to.

mrcreed is.


i had a rottie(max) who used to do the same thing. he would start by putting his chin on my leg…then one paw…then the other…he thought he was sneaking up into my lap without me noticing…lol

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