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ridda is playing with the new camera

Read a classic in every language I know (read all 3 entries…)

I am almost finished reading The Little Prince in Spanish…. It would be more genuine if I were reading it in French, but…

I realized I have read Guri to Gura in Japanese. It’s a Japanese classic for children, so maybe this is as close to reading a classic in Japanese as I will get for some time.

Only French is left! I’d better make it an easy one…


calypte excited about 2014!

I’m just impressed at that list of languages!

ridda is playing with the new camera


xie xie!
thanks so much!

AnBeBan is back

Maybe you could try...

Madame Bovary. I don’t know, you might have already read it in English (which would either help you, or, depending on your rules and regulations, be cheating) but the story is so dependent on the French language that it sounds different and means more in French. I’m not being clear, and I’m not an expert on it, but I’ve heard lots of smart people say this. :) Otherwise you could always read L’etranger. That’s a really good read in French. And easy, too. Well, the first part anyways. When you get to the end, he talks about all the things that might have been… there’s a lot of conditional and subjunctive… but it’s good times.

Good luck!

ridda is playing with the new camera


Thanks for the advice. I’ll see what I can find in the bookstore…. I always check out the Spanish section but keep overlooking French. argh.


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