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get an "au natural" tan. (read all 2 entries…)
Its Coming Along

Been working on it every day. Sloooowly is the key for me! (hey, that rhymes! am I a poet and don’t know it?) I’m normally a ‘fair-skinned Irish dude” so I have to go slow to keep from burning. Right now, I have a slight pink color. LOL But, hey, its a start! Right?



Is William Tanner tan yet?

Yep! :)

Its been sloooow… but ‘all’ of moi~ is a nicely tanned. Not savage tanned, but nicely tanned… at least all parts are the same color! (well, not all parts).

(This comment was deleted.)

Well duuuuuh!

Of course not all parts are the same colour! No matter how much you tan your palms and the soles of your feet won’t darken! Unless of course you use self tanner! Right Will Tanner?

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