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I’ve been obsessing about cars for the last month or so, to the point where I almost don’t even want to think about it any more. I’m difficult to please, particularly when I have a budget to which I must adhere. I’m trying to find something for around $300/month (preferably under, but not much over), and it isn’t easy. I’ve narrowed it down to either a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla, and I’m leaning toward the Corolla (it’s a little cheaper) for about $290 a month. There are only two problems: there’s no A/C and the colour selection is bland.

Colour is a superficial concern, but I would prefer something more vibrant – a nice blue or green or even orange. However, my options are white, black, grey, silver, sand, and a weak-looking red.

Air conditioning is likewise not a necessity, but pretty useful in the summer (though pretty useless the other 9 months of the year). Granted, I can roll down a window, but that isn’t always practical, particularly for highway driving. Plus I have to add a bunch of features I don’t care about – you can’t add A/C alone. I don’t need power locks, keyless entry, power windows, etc.

The Honda Civic is available in a nice blue colour, and I can add A/C alone, but is a little more expensive.

So, I’m still debating. I’m also budgeting meticulously to see what I can reasonably afford. Also going back and forth between leasing and buying.

Getting a car is going to be my reward for another goal (dropping my weight to 200 lbs), but is a goal in itself.


adkpooh Come on summer vacation!!

Take your time!

Take your time if you can – get exactly what you want and will be happy with! Remember there will be other cars! Watch those payments… the price of that car can get away from you a little- adding in tax and if you go with any of those nice little insurance policies that the lenders like to sell ya…...


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