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overhaul my wardrobe (read all 5 entries…)

M gave me a gift card many months back, and I am finally going to spend it. Tomorrow, after my exam. I need summer clothes in a big way – I’d like a couple of comfortable skorts for work, if I can find them, and tops to match.

I wish I could be excited about it. I’m happy to have the time and money, and I will be relieved when I have a couple of decent hot-weather outfits to wear, but I feel huge and ugly right now, so time in front of the mirror doesn’t thrill me. And I’m so tired of buying clothes I momentarily think look good, only to feel like a giant LOSER when I wear them for real. I wish shopping and dressing were more pleasurable activities. I don’t get how almost every single woman I know LOVES shopping, always looks smashing, and manages to keep up with the latest fashions. For me, it’s just another source of stress and self-doubt.

Ah well, better to look like a loser in new, weather-appropriate clothes than an overdressed, out of style loser :o)


Poetry Man Just your friendly neighborhood Poetry Man

My Dear

You will look stunning in whatever you pick out with your gift card.
You will look beautiful in it in the store, the first time you wear ita, and every time thereafter.

You, my sweet, are both a cutie pie and a beautiful little vixen.


hehe Thanks Sweetie ;o)

Poetry Man Just your friendly neighborhood Poetry Man

Any time

you need reminded of how beautiful you are, I’ll be more than happy to remind you.

oh Rin

Don’t get so down on yourself. You are so pretty. It’s not so bad. Smile and have fun when you are out there shopping. Take a girlfriend with you to help decide what looks best. I know I always have the most fun shopping when I’m with a friend and it’s always nice to have a second opinion. Keep your chin up and most of all have a good time spending that free money from your honey!

Thank you Sweetie

I’m a bit more positive this morning; more open to a fun shopping experience. Thanks for the encouragement Nik!

So glad

you are feeling more positive today. Have fun! :o) I’m outta cheers for now otherwise I’d cheer ya so lots of big cheerless cheers heading your way!

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