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AnoxiaSan Today is a busy day. Take things one by one!

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Jounal Entry 1

Well, my dream is actually pretty weird. My cousin is barely 19, but she is engaged to this 20 year old boy. I’ve met him like twice and I totally don’t approve of the whole situation. It drives me nuts. He is her first boyfriend. Its just WEIRD.

Anyway, I was at work and he came into my store, asking me for advice on how to make her truly happy. It was really an eye opener because I guess you can read it as one of two things. He doesn’t really know anything about her, or he wants to make her as happy as possible.

After I woke up, I kind of wasn’t angry about the whole situation. I guess I couldn’t stop her if she wanted to marry him. I wouldn’t want that of her if I ever decided to marry my BF. I decided that if she gets married to her first boyfriend, that is her deal, not mine.


(This comment was deleted.)

AnoxiaSan Today is a busy day. Take things one by one!

Yeah, its frustrating when you want to control other people’s lives when you know yours is a mess xD.

I still care about the situation, but I know I dont have a say in the matter. I’ll just have to learn to accept him. Hes probably not a bad guy.

I mean, I cant say much, Im going to live with my BF for the next three years while going to school. I dont know if that would throw her off or anything xD


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