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Sorting Things Out

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Sorting Out Things

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sort out my damn stuff! (read all 11 entries…)

Yesterday, after some fun experimenting with new nail-varnish colours at lunchtime, I went through my old bottles of nail varnish and threw out half a dozen that had gone all gunky or that I knew I’d never wear again. (Did I ever think I’d wear salmon-pink nail varnish?!)

Also yesterday I noticed that the volunteer committee in work have set up a donation box in the office, and one of the things they’re looking for is women’s toiletries; I have a fair few unused things that I abandoned because they didn’t agree with my sensitive skin, so this morning I made a start on getting some of those together. I’ll finish going through everything over the weekend, and bring them into work next week.

I know I’m only a few days into this latest effort, but it feels like the baby steps are starting to add up. Part of it is that once I’m in this mindset it’s easier to stay on top of ongoing stuff like laundry and general tidying, which aren’t really part of the decluttering but which go a long way towards making me feel in control of my space.


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