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tknight is t'done t'day

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Lord I face the second gate this day...

My Lord G_d, thank you for the grace and mercy you showed me yesterday in my trial…

It is only through your strength and compassion that I was able to go through that gate as well as I did.

Now I face the second gate in a few minutes.

Please Lord, I beseech you, I need your strength, love and compassion to get me through this.

Thank you Lord for the willing and supportive servants you have bestowed in my life, for I would be in far dire straights without them.

I need your help again Lord.


I beg you.


I'll see what I can do.

I’m pretty busy today.

tknight is t'done t'day

Well apparently you were moving very mysteriously....

As nothing got resolved as it was supposed to. Rather another serious of delays and catestrophic expenses loom ahead.

I guess I need to go and invent the digital equivelent of the paperclip, and survive off of use fees and roayalties…

Sorry, D.

I’ve been pretty busy causing floods and things. I just didn’t have time.

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I want to:
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