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One month left

So, I have one month left in Argentina—I have $975 in the account and about $35 US in cash. I’ve been really good about recording all of my expenses, but not good about “budgeting”. I think that my start up costs when I head back to college in the fall are going to be about $200, and perhaps I’ll spend $100 when I’m home over the short summer break. I’d like to save $300 for Ireland, and still pay the credit card bill for July and August. Work starts August 20, then I’ll have a paycheck and can learn how to save money while being a student. I’m optimistic that since I’m an RA and have a meal plan I can stop ordering out, which will help with the lose weight goal, too, if I stay away from the dangerous areas in the dining hall.

So… all that figured out, I can definitely spend $200 US, or about $600 pesos, during my last month. This is a lot less than what I have been spending, so I’m going to have to sit down and plan. It’s possible I’m going to need closer to $300 realistically, which is okay—it just means I have to plan well in the fall to make Ireland a reality in the spring.

Hmm… I’m ready for the real world. College + study abroad = difficult money management.


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