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Feeling stressed...

I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out lately (I know I am not alone with thisone…). I just blogged on my one main blog, that, maybe the dude that wrote Revelation in th eBible is not that whacked out and that I ought to pay closer attention to what says there. I and my household do not want to be left behind…(Ast Tim LaHaye’s series of books have forewarned all of us), the thing of it is that I have not read Tim LaHayes version, but only have dabbed on and off, here and there in the Book of Revelation…


I hope this gets better soon for you!

I know that this seems to be a rather stressful time for most people I know for one reason or another. So, I have faith we’ll all get through it together. Also, I’m giving you an extra-special cheer for this entry, too. (It’s the 2086th cheer, which means you’ve gotten the last of my second set of 1043 cheers.)

Stay strong! :D

God's Dragon Living life one day at a time...

Thanks Deni!

It means a lot to know that we are not alone…

Thanks for your 2086th cheer!


You’re welcome…and we’re never alone! :D

God's Dragon Living life one day at a time...

Yes, in many more than one way…LOL
The good thing to know is that even when we feel out of sorts, turning to God always…Always makes life worth living.
There has not been a time in my life when I have turned to God in Prayer that He did not return His Blessings and Grace, and for that I am eternally grateful!

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