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Don't eat fast food (read all 14 entries…)
Blew It Today

Well today I messed up and ate not one but two food items I’m trying to avoid. I did pretty well up to today but I feel like I need a restart on this. So tomorrow I will start again with Day 1 of 30 days avoiding burgers, fries and other fried foods. The only fried food I’ve been wishing I could have is Ivar’s fish – the cod you get with fish and chips. I don’t miss the chips, just the fish. When I get my 30 days over with I will let myself have the fish as a special treat. I think one item in 30 days is doable. And it’s much better than in the past when I’ve eaten fried foods almost every day.


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Ivar’s fish is a downfall of mine too….

Have you read “Supersize Me”? It might help provide motivation for achieving this goal. I might take up this goal in the near future. The stuff they put in the fast food to keep you hooked is scary! Good luck with this one…its a great thing to master!


I didn’t read Supersize Me, but I did see the movie. That’s scary stuff! And pretty good motivation to get started on the junk food goal. Thanks again and good luck to you too!

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