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make $1000

I’m 13 and getting $1000 is not very easy without a job. Once I do make $1000 I’m going to spend all but $500, and then move on to $2000, and spend all but $1000. And on and on.


wunderland please pray for my brother as he battles with Leukemia

good luck :)

i like your spend/earn plan :) but how will you be earning? i know it’s hard when you’re 13 – when babysitting sometimes seems like the only option. try having yard sales over the summer – it does double duty by clearing out your junk and kiddie stuff you’re no longer interested in, and try selling things using local (& online) classifieds. how about organizing a car wash with your friends? become a dog walker? it’s summer, you might be able to start your own small craft/jewelry business and sell during your hometown’s summer festivals/fairs?


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