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Pet a squirrel
i realized yesterday

that i really want to do this!
those sneaky little things never let you touch them! but they’re so cute. :)
i bet the best way to do this is to lure them in with food. like nuts. or skittles. :D and then BAM! pet them! hehe


(This comment was deleted.)

hahahah totally worth it. :D :P

My uncle had one.

A little squirrel living in his backyard. A few times a day he’d go out and have some nuts in his hand, and call it. The squirrel would come out of his tree and go see my uncle, then climb on his legs and shirt and go take the nuts right in his hand.

Might be kind of fun.

But don’t try to pet it with a BAM! I don’t know what you were thinking, but BAM! sounds a little violent. :P


good point. i dont think i would actually pet it with a BAM.. i just got a little excited when i was typing that up. :P :P hehe

You’ve been petted, Squirrel!

lol :)

now i think i’ll have to try and pet one with a BAM. just to see how it goes. :P


Here is what you need for the BAM! I hope the squirrel likes you after it blew! Well… if there is STILL a squirrel!

(This comment was deleted.)

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