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Dani_Bird is at a crossroads

Regain my footing (read all 3 entries…)
Cross the fingers gang!

Tomorrow may very well be my last day of physical therapy. At least for a while! Yay!!!! I Want to celebrate, but no one else really seems to want to. When I brought it up to my friends they just kind of looked at me like I was nuts. I guess its really only exciting for me…but still. I may try to do something. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, Karen (My therapist) may decided that I need more time. I’m really anxious about tomorrow, I really just want things to get back to normal, at least a bit. I probably wont sleep tonight, Its already 1:24 am, and I haven’t even yawned yet. I am totally wide awake, which I guess it good, I’ll write some letters, try to clean up my room without making too much noise, it’ll be good. Right?

p.s. There is picture of my brokeness for you. One side anyway. the other picture is too close up to see anything. The scabby part is where the bone broke off and came out.


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