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foreverHoping cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

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Ugh. Tomorrow I need to go and get a bank account with my dad. It’s so much easier to save when you don’t have all of your money stuffed in an envelope under your bed…. SHH! Dont tell my siblings, haha.

I only have about $530 saved up. I was hoping to have about 600, but my spending got a bit out of control, and my dad keeps on forgetting to give me allowance.

I want to find other ways of making money, however, rather than mooching off of my parents for money. The easiest thing to do for a thirteen year old girl is of course- what else- babysitting. But I have no customers. My mother doesn’t have many friends with young kids, and even if she did, I feel so awkward asking them! What can I do to get myself some clients? Any ideas on advertising, how to ask around… Anything? I could really use some advice from some real people :-). Thanks guys!
xoxo, H.


Rachel would like a job plz thx.

You could try posting at local churches (especially if there’s one that you go to). There’s always a bunch of people with kids there.

foreverHoping cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary


Thanks! That’s actually a really good idea! I’ll put up a sign at my church and at the Sunday School. I have made up a bit of a flyer. It says “Need A Baby-Sitter?”, and it has my information, and those little rip-off tags at the bottom. It should be okay. It’s also an eye catching color. Thanks for the idea, it’s really helpful!


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