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List 100 Things that piss me off, besides not having any money... (read all 18 entries…)

53. People who post incorrect lyrics on the web. WTF? Why post em if you don’t even know the right words.

54. Movies that have been edited for TV. They always cut out the best scenes/lines when they do it.

55. When the dog licks his “junk” in my line of sight. Ewww gross. Go do that shit somewhere else.

56. Uneven numbers. They drive me nuts. Volume on the radio/tv/phone all even. Number on shirts/shoes/skirts/pants I own all even.

57. People taking their bad ass kids in public. If they don’t mind you then leave them at home cause the rest of us sure as hell don’t wanna deal with em.


59. This years presidential election. I’m to the point I just want the shit over with. I’m really tired of listening to people debate the old guy, the black guy, and the woman. WTF!

60. Poor service in public eateries. If you don’t want to be nice and give good service then get a different job. I love leaving BIG tips but if you’re rude or ignore me all together then you aren’t getting shit.



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