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goddessglendonia I can feel the love all around me...

'cleansweep' my life up to 100% (http://betterme.org/cleansweep.html) (read all 7 entries…)
working on this

I have not worked very diligently on this goal.

My scores have changed this second time around. Maybe I wasn’t hard enough on myself the first time??

I even removed a very unhealthy person from my life.

My scores are: Physical 9, Well-being 8, Money 16, Relationships 9

I’m going to try and work on the following….
Physical- like clean all of my windows, clean out the kids drawers before they return, my kitchen cubbards, and totally finish the laundry room.

try and limit (hmmmmm) my t.v. watching. I’m not a big huge t.v. fan anyway. But only 5 hours a week??? That is like one movie and two days worth of news?? Maybe I will start with like 10 hours a week. Just be careful with the nite time sitcoms, the world tour of poker. And it totally doesn’t count when football season starts!!

Make a finiancial plan for next year.

Communicate with whom I’ve hurt. I had planned to do this anyway soon. No time like the present I guess.


goddessglendonia I can feel the love all around me...


I’ve communicated with the person whom I’ve hurt. I am glad. I don’t forgive me, I don’t expect to be forgiven- even tho it seems that I have. I have learned a valuable lesson that I hope to never repeat.

Cleaned out all of the kids drawers that will definately help with the stress level for when school starts!!

Totally finished the laundry room and it lasted about a week.

Windows??? They don’t seem so important about now- just the back sliding glass door!! That would be about every other day- who has time for that? Whew? I can barely keep up with the dishes and the laundry…..

My financial plan for next year is to keep my head above water. Keep the electric and water on, keep the kids fed, gas in the car to go to work and HOPEFULLY be able to get my toes done in a timely mannor- and keep the f’n gray from creeping in that seems to happen faster and faster!!

Who invented this cleansweep thing anyway??? And why are they making me feel bad about myself????

Maybe I’ve been WAY TOO HARD ON MYSELF with the scoring thing… I will have to look again some day and re-evaluate this goal!!!


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